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Kaushik Banerjee

Q. Describe your role at Anuschka...
A. I am one of the senior most artists here, both in age and expertise. I have a deep appreciation and love for art. Over the years I have trained around 22‐25 artists.

Q. What’s the best part of your workday?
A. It might sound bit silly but my favorite part of the day is being able to drink tea once every hour, which is 7‐8 cups per day. Tea gives me the necessary energy boost to keep working without being tired.

Q. You must have worked on so many items! Which is a favorite?
A. I love all the Lush Lilac items – those with the mauve and silver color combination. All of them are enchanting and a pleasure to the eyes.

“I am a self-motivated person. I concentrate myself wholeheartedly into the work and desire to keep myself happy no matter what."

Q. How has working for this company and this family changed your life?
A. Anuschka has made my life easier. It has helped me to settle financially and has given me a better and secured future. I am able to simultaneously take care of two families – my wife and children and as well as my aged and ailing parents. I feel extremely grateful and proud that I am able to help my parents, because my brothers cannot due to their limited income. My parents often come for treatment here at the Kolkata hospitals and I provide them with all kinds of support.

Q. What’s something you hold near and dear?
A. My most valuable possessions were all the prizes, the trophies and cups, that I had won at various sporting events in my childhood and younger days. I kept them together in a small cupboard in my village house, but unfortunately, it was damaged in a natural disaster and I lost them all. As of recently, I got a Ganesh idol from one of my students, Sanjoy Chowdhury, and that is also a precious gift to me.

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